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Symptoms Of Low Estrogen Levels And How To Increase It

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The most important estrogen compounds:

Estrone (E1): The primary estrogen produced after menopause.
Estradiol (E2): The dominant estrogen during the reproductive years.
Estriol (E3): Most abundant during pregnancy, it is produced by the placenta.

Female Characteristics: Affects the development of female secondary sexual characteristics such as breasts and pubic hair.
Maintenance of the reproductive system: regulates the menstrual cycle and contributes to the initiation of childbirth.
Uterine and vaginal health: Maintains uterine health and contributes to vaginal health.
Bone Health: Contributes to maintaining bone health.
Growth and development: Affects the growth and development of organs and muscles.
Distribution of estrogen and fats: It affects the distribution of estrogen and fats in women, which affects skin health.
Determining the child’s gender: necessary to achieve femininity in the child, and affects the development of certain organs.
Estrogen is an important hormone that has different functions in the body, and affects both males and females. It plays a key role in the development of female secondary sexual characteristics, reproductive system maintenance, bone health, and more. Understanding estrogen levels and their impact is important for overall health, and imbalances can lead to various symptoms and conditions. Regular monitoring and consultation with healthcare professionals is essential to maintain hormonal balance and address any concerns regarding estrogen levels.

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